A few things really stick in my mind about Mam-maw:

"She'd always catch Debbie, Chuck, Jeanne or me doing something (like
sneaking cookies from the cookie jar), and she's say 'I'm going to send
you to the house of corrections!"

"Mam-maw would shake her head and say 'there's more than one way to
choke a dog than on butter'."

"There would always be macaroni and cheese at the table for a meal
because she knew I liketdso much."

I only have one memory of Poppy (he died when I was a baby) and that was
of him bouncing me on his knee.  Mother claims that I bit him once when
he was in the car with us and we were driving somewhere.  She claims
that when he asked me, "why'd you bite me?" that I replied, "I just had
to bite someone!."