Memories of Poppy by Connie Brooks Walk

Poppy always did Rocky horse on his knee with the grandkids to
the tune of Doo-de-dum!! I can remember his putting Johnny and
Ronnie to sleep singing that to them.   He called the Shackles
'Jayhawkers'.  I thought that was a name he has just made up for
them until I realized that all people from Kansas were called that!
I can remember loading up to go to Girard, Kansas and leaving
before dark.  We always went in the Old 49 Green Ford and had to
leave early before all the traffic, we always stopped and ate
breakfast at Warsaw.  I hadn't heard of Warsaw again until 25
years later when we moved to California and Warsaw is in our
Athletic Conference.  We also loaded up that Green Ford and went
to basketball games.  Mammaw and Poppy were big basketball
fans.  Even though they had no kids playing, they were #1 fans for
the Armstrong Comets and I can remember so many of the High
School kids coming over to talk to them and thanking them for
coming to their games - I thought that was pretty cool.  We always
went to the Cairo Tournament in January, even in sleet and snow,
we would leave early and make it for that 5:00 game and always
eat Chili in the school cafeteria.  After Poppy died, mammaw
continued to go to the games.  I'm sure she didn't miss a game I
ever played.  I always would laugh, ecause whenever I complained
about the Refs, she was the only one who was on my side and
agreed with me!

  Mammaw and Poppy always were at
church, whether it be Sundays, Wednesday night prayer meetings,
revivals or a Deacon's meeting or special suppers and dinners, they
were always there.  Poppy's favorite song when they had requests
for the song service was "Let others see Jesus in you."  Every time
I hear that song even today, I think of Poppy and anyone who knew
him could always see Jesus in not only how he lived his life but
also Mammaw's.