Memories of Mam-maw by Debbie Blair Drinkard:

When I think back on the memories of Mam-maw, I remember a quiet, sweet
gentle person.  She always has had a special place in my heart even though we
have been miles apart for so many years.
     Mam-maw was a great cook!  She would get up very early and prepare the
greatest breakfast.  I can still taste those wonderful homemade biscuits and
gravy.  It was nice waking up to that special aroma.  I also remember her
angel food cakes.  They were so big and tall and fluffy which melted in your
mouth.  How did she do that?
     Holidays were special too!  I remember everyone gathering at her house.
She would prepare a huge meal by herself.  The kids would eat in the kitchen
and the adults in the dining room.  She always wanted to make sure your plate
wasn't empty.  She would never sit still for even 5 minutes.  On Thanksgiving,
the grandkids always had a special job after our huge meal.  We loved putting
up her silver Christmas tree with the "blue" balls.  Mam-maw loves the color
     Mam-Maw played a part in my kindergarten class this year (l999).  On the
100th days of school, I told my class about Mam-maw.  I explained to them that
she was 100 years old and then showed the children her picture.  During the
day, I caught one little girl giving her picture a "kiss."  She told me my
grandmother looked so "Nice."  I think she described her perfect.