Fancy Box: Memories by Robert Shackles.

  As you have no doubt surmised by now, my brothers and I had little or
no supervision and we could go anywhere and do whatever we wanted. But
one thing we didn't do we didn't get into trouble. Now Freddy & Percy
had Aunt Cora and she was usually one step ahead of them but not always.
Here's one thing we done she would not have approved of. I really don't
know who's brain storm this was but we had barrels of fun with it and
Freddy and Percy managed to participate, but I don't know what they told
Aunt Cora in order to get away. This was as I have said in the heart of
the depression and nobody had any money and not many had jobs. These
hard times made our game work really well. We got a box and Freddy got
some of Luellas fancy wraping paper and ribbons. WE wrapped this box up
real fancy and down the road from our homes was a culvert under the
road. We would set the fancy box at the side of the road and then we
would tie a kite string to it. One of us would get under the culvert
with the other end of the string while the rest of us would get on the
opposite end of the culvert where we could see the action.One of us
would be a lookout. Cars would come by and see the box and come to a
screeching halt. Most times the driver would run back to get the loot.
Just as he got to the box the lookout would signal the string man and he
would pull the box under the culvert lickedy split. The guys on the
other end would watch the driver make a fool of himself. I'll tell you
we would roll in the weeds laughing. Freddy,Percy,and I talked about
this when Charles and I were with them in 1943 and it was still good for
a laugh. Percy was never much for words, but he always had a smile on
his face. As I look back on some of our escapades I think this may have
been one reason the rich guys didn't jump us with the clay marbles.
Percy was standing there with  that smile on his face and this usually
will make any opponent uneasy.. He would always say, mom will whoop our
butts if she sees us,and I think many times Aunt Cora would have if she
had caught us.