How Norma met Robert in her words:

    Don't hold me accountable for every tiny detail but here goes how and when Dad and I first met and all the times thereafter. We first met at Grandmothers farm where Guy, Nadine and Shirley lived also. Bob took Nina and I to cut a cedar tree for our Christmas tree. I was about eleven at the time.
     The next time was one of the next two events. He took me for a ride on his bicycle in Armstrong. There was an aerial act downtown, in the middle of the street across from Bagby's Drug Store. There was a very tall pole erected on top of a store building with a 12 or 14 inch platform on top. A couple scampered up the pole and did a number of acts on that swaying platform. There were huge spotlights and the town was full of people. Another time he was staying at Grandmothers for a few days. I think it was possibly when Pappaw had cancer surgery in Kansas City. I invited him to go to school with me for the Christmas party. I gave him a hankerchief for a gift.

     I wrote him a least once when he was in Okinowa,  but he didn't answer.

     He and a friend attended a basketball game in Armstrong once, they asked me and my friend Mary Alice out after the game. The friend was well on his way to being drunk so no way were we going.

     Nadine, Nettie Maude, or Grandma was probably responsible for the next and most important encounter. Bob was home on furlough and Chuck was visiting him. Nettie Maude Cherrington Duren was having a card party for the adults. One or all three decided to invite Nina and I so Bob and Charles would have a partner. After the party Bob borrowed Nettie's friends car and took Nina and I home. He asked me for a date the following night. His folks car was in the garage so he didn't even have a car. Nettie's friend had come to Glasgow and got all of them for the party. Well, the car got fixed in time for the date. We went to the movie at Fayete I think along with Chuck and his date Nina Nell Jackson, in any event we took her home and got stuck. Her Dad had to get up, get dressed, harness the team and pulled us out. Bob had to leave that night just after midnight. He missed his train and had to leave the next day. The trip back to base is a story he will have to tell you. Jackson is now Nina Jordan, David Jordan's wife. David is Carls brother.

     We corresponded the next year plus. I wrote everyday. He came home, we got engaged and were married in one week after his discharge and return home in 1947. I was the happiest girl in Armstrong then and I'm still happy and glad I said yes when he asked me to marry him.