P & G Soap Story
by Robert Shackles

July 26, 2001

I don't know how old we were but we were living on 15th Street in
Sedalia so I must have been around seven which would mean Red was eight
and Bill was nine.  When we were scouring the town we saw the
advertisement at the movie featuring "G Men"  and we wanted above all
else to go see this movie. I believe  the Saturday Matinee cost 5 cents
so we needed 15 cents in order for all three of us to go. We
immediately started looking for trash piles in the alleys. When we
found a pile we would ask the people living there for a job hauling the
trash off.  We would start off asking 15 cents to haul the trash but
usually settled for a nickel.  We had lined up enough work for 20 cents
and that meant three movie tickets and splitting a popcorn three ways.
We were excited and headed home to get our old wobbly wheeled red
wagon.   We were too for from the city trash dump to do the jobs so we
done what we had done before. We hauled it and dumped it in our back
yard there on 15th. street.   We worked all day hauling that trash but
we had our 20 cents so we could go to the movie next day.
Marie knew we had made some money and she shook us down. She found
our 20 cents and made us go to the corner store and buy a cake of P& G
soap.  That soap cost us 10 cents. Now if that wasn't bad enough she
had our tub of bath water drawn from the cistern when we got home.  She
rounded up the other boys and we all had to take a bath.  Bill
first--Red second--me third--charles fourth--Johnny Carl fifth--and
Richard sixth.  Mary Opal was to little to bathe in a tub.   I can just
imagine how slick poor Richard must have been after his bath.  he-he.
We took our remaining dime and bought penny candy from the fellow who
sold it from his living room a few blocks away.   We never got to see
that movie.