P & G Soap

by Robert Shackles

Written to Wanda:

July 26, 2001

Wanda--I saw a bar of this soap at an antique shop out there in Phoenix.  It was in original package [white wrapper with large P & G letters]. They were asking a lot of money for it so I didn't buy it.  The[ P& G ] stands for Proctor & Gamble and it was their original soap product.  Housewives used it mostly for washing clothes in Maytag and other wringer washing machines. It was also used with a washboard and the person scrubbing on the board would come to town on Saturday night with kinda red but really clean hands.he-he    It was a lye based product and it had a clean smell but maybe a little to much so. With many poor people it served as a deodorant.  This is all we had when I was growing up in Sedalia but it was the only clean thing I ever smelled when we were lucky enough to get a bar. I guarantee it would get you clean.  I suspected this fellow was getting his soap as a government handout and he was clean.  We had a similar product in the military and it was called [GI soap].  I think it was the old P& G  soap being made by Proctor & Gamble for the military.  We used it during our GI parties [scrubbing the wooden floors with this soap and GI brushes just before a barracks inspection.  However we wouldn't use it to shower.  We got our soap at the PX mostly Lux. The guys who were broke were always borrowing your soap. he-he.  Called the buddy system!   If I had a bar of P&G soap I would use it just once for demonstration purposes only.    he-he