How I met Norma, by Robert Shackles:

Actually, we had 3 memorable meetings, but I will discuss the most important one.
I had just returned from Okinowa in the South Pacific.This was just a
few days after VJ day. I of course was in uniform and on a 12 day leave.
I was in Fayette and met your mother and her girl friend Mary Alice
Gowens and I invited them to have drink with me. We went to a little
cafe located at the time where the Thurman Paint Shop is today. Your
mother ordered a GRAPETTE and Mary Alice and I ordered a Coke.Your
mother was really excited,and yours truly really did notice she had
grown up, looked really nice and to tell the truth I always did like
her.Have you noticed the 2 Grapette bottles on top of our cabnets,They
are a collectors item now but they have a lot of memories for us. That
same leave,Nadine,Mom and Nettie Maud [ their cousin] living in
Armstrong had a card party, and invited me,Chuck.Nina and your mother to
the party, and from this encounter  I asked her for a date as Netty's
friend Polly Pemperton and I took her home.The next furlough I had we
dated exclusively, and on one date going to the movie in  Fayette I gave
her the neckless and bracelet that she still has today and wears a lot.
We didn't get engaged, because I still had 20mo.duty left . We agreed to
get married when I returned, and she said she would write to me every
day and both promises were kept.
P.S. The party was planned to encourage the outcome.I think there are
still match makers around today.