Memories of Mammaw & Poppy by Shirley Williams

What do I remember about growing up with Grandma and Grandpa Hammons?  There
are so many memories, I guess the most important thing I remember is that
there was always room for me.  Grandma had four girls to cook for and to have
beds for everyone to sleep, but it always suited for me to stay all night.
Nathaleen was the sister I never had.

Grandma and Grandpa always went to everything that happened in Armstrong, at
church and at school.  I could always go with them.

Grandma was a super cook.  I never tasted a custard pie like she made.  If we
were having baked chicken she always made noodles and dumplings.  Grandpa
didn't like noodles so she always made him dumplings.  When she fried chicken
she first killed and dressed them.  She would clean the feet (sounds awful
now) then she would fry them after all the other chicken was fried and
Nathaleen and I would always go out on a little porch and eat them before

Grandpa was a what used to called  "Hard Shelled Baptist" and a dyed in the
wool "Republican"  I remember his favorite hymn was "Let Others See Jesus in
You."  He never allowed any cards to be played in his house but it was all
right to play "Rook" because there were no face cards in the deck.  He ran a
dairy.  I was amazed when I saw a milking machine for the first time.  I liked
to help deliver milk all over town.  He would drive to everyone's house on the
route and we would deliver the bottle of milk and pick up the empty one.