Sonny Boy (from Glasgow)
by Robert Shackles

July 26, 2001


this is a story that is a part of my growing up in Glasgow
experience.  It involves a teenage friend of mine who's name was "Sonny
Boy" Kneuvean.  Sonny Boy's mother was dead and he lived with his dad
in a little two room shack up from the Missouri River bank at the North
end of main street.  Sonny Boy and his dad made their living catching
fish on the river using tramble nets and trot lines. Any time you
wanted fresh fish you could go down to their cabin--pick out a live
fish--and because they would sell fish by live weight they would weigh
the fish and collect for it.  They would dress the fish for a small fee
if you wanted them to do it.  It was worth the price just to watch them
dress fish. They were the best I've ever seen!  Grandma and Pappaw loved
fresh fish and dad and I went to buy fish often.
    Every Saturday night Sonny Boy would come to town to be with the
rest of the guys and everybody liked Sonny Boy. He washed his own
clothes and he always wore a freshly washed, starched and ironed white
shirt open at the collar. He always wore a nice looking  white tee
shirt under his dress shirt. Sonny Boy used P& G soap and he always
had that P& G soap smell.  Sonny boy didn't go to school much past
about the 3rd  grade but he was good with figures and his dad always had
him figure what was owed for the fish. Sonny Boy died shortly before
we moved back to Glasgow and I didn't go to his funeral.
    Sonny Boy had a sister "Margaret"  who stuttered and was slow in
learning.  She was being raised by another family but I don't remember
who.  She was in my class in the 4th. and 6th. grades and it took me a
whole week to convince the guys in our class they shouldn't snicker or
laugh at Margaret. he-he.  As I look back on the Margaret experience
I'm sure the teachers knew what I was doing so they didn't interfere
when some guy complained.  Now Margaret being with another family didn't
have that P& G smell. Those were the days!
Depression days they were!