A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

By John Shackles
Nov. 23, 1995

Father, on this Thanksgiving Day,
Let us relish in the fact we are all together.
As the years pass before us,
Let us remember, Father, the importance of this day.
Let us remember how it feels to be loved, for someday,
This moment will only be in our memories.
Father, comfort those today who's memories of
Holiday's past only brings tears and sorrow.
We humble ourselves before You, knowing that
Happiness can be fleeting, and that You, Father
Control everything. We will continue to be faithful
No matter what You chose for our lives.
Thank you for our wonderful children.
Nathan and Trina for their dedication and faithfulness.
At this moment, Father, they are everything
We dreamed they would be.
For Angela and Tiffany. You still perform miracles.
For Dado and her enduring patience. For her steadfast
Faith, that in itself, may be why we will all spend eternity together with You.
For we know, Father, You work in families.
Thank you for a wife that is also my best friend.
Finally, Father, we thank you for Your Son. You endured that which only
A parent can truly understand.
We are sinful, but because Your grace is abundant, we are pure.