Two brothers: memories from Robert Shackles.

About the Shackles and the car
> lot in St.Louis, and the name change. This Info. comes from my birth
> mother,who also visited with Cora Shackles when ever she was in the
> Sedalia area. The story goes;two brothers came over from Ireland and
> settled in the Jefferson City area.  They went into business as
> partners, and started a charcoal mfg. plant. They were very successful
> at it but one brother I think his name was"Pete" got hooked on liquor
> and soon the other brother bought him out. Pete came to the Sedalia
> area, and we are his side of the family. The other brother stayed in
> Jeff.City and prospered in the charcoal business and his offspring is
> still there today and they are big business people in the area and very
> "clainish" If you go to Jefferson City the first thing you will see is
> the SHIKLES MOTOR CO. a large auto dealership. Also they own other
> business in the area, they are Catholic, have their own school, and at
> one time imported their own teachers " Catholic Sisters" from Ireland.
> They pronounce their name the same as we do, but spell it without the C.
> They used to advertise a lot on T.V. and we would hear their adds.Also I
> got to spend some quality time with Louella a few years before she
> passed away. Norma & I went to the funeral, but we couldn't be at the
> visitation. Mildred, told us that most of the family was at the
> visitation service. We have always been happy that her daughter Carol
> Shrout, brought her to our home for lunch and a great visit. I have
> pictures of this visit that I treasure. Yes! Louella was my first cousin
> and a wonderful person. Of course Kenneth Shackles lives in Golden Co. but he and
> Louella were close and Ken would go see her any time he was in Missouri
> which wasn't very often.