Simple Things

To Cyndy on Valentine's Day, 1999

Children, adults, lovers and such,
All fall prey to this Valentine stuff.
Chocolates, flowers, expensive wines,
A lacey card to dazzle your mind.
Red satin lingerie trimmed in lace from afar,
Not knowing she thinks from Venus not Mars.
We go all out trying to impress,
Besides, we have Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
But, it is the simple things that money can't buy,
And this is my gift to you until I die:
I will miss you when you are away,
And keep telling you 'stories' each day.
I will hold your hand so that everyone knows, dear
That you are still my lover after twenty-five years.
Pray to be the best husband each night,
And prove it by my actions at sunlight.
I will love, cherish, and hurt you never,
For our Valentine's Day lasts forever.