Memories of Uncle Carl and Aunt Jackie from Wanda Shackles Johnson:


     When you're growing up everyone has to have an uncle like Carl.  We
couldn't wait until Uncle Carl (we'll call him Uncle Carl now because we just
called him Carl when we were kids.  Jackie always wanted us to call them Aunt
& Uncle) and Aunt Jackie got to Mammaw's.  Some of my memories of Uncle Carl
go way back.  He was always doing something or going somewhere.  As kids we
loved that and we usually got to go too.  A great memory I have has to do with
building Mammaw's cellar off the basement on the farm.  He put a plank running
down the steps to the basement so he could haul the dirt out of the basement.
He would shovel the dirt and fill the wheelbarrow and push the wheelbarrow up,
up, up the plank outside to dump it.  All it took was for one of us kids to
ask for a ride and the fun began (for us that is).  I remember Connie, Karen
and I standing in line waiting our turn for the ride.  Now we're not just
talking one ride each, we're talking non-stop rides.  As soon as we got to the
top, Uncle Carl would stop, we'd run down the steps and get back in line.  I
can't imaging how much work it was to haul the dirt up that plank, let alone
with a kid riding on top.  But boy did we have some kind of fun!
     I also have a constant reminder of Uncle Carl in my home today and have
had for probably almost 40 years.  He made Karen, Connie and I bulletin boards
for Christmas one year.  He took the square ceiling tiles (4) and framed them.
I currently have this bulletin board in the entry going out to our TV/game
room.(I guess I take after my Mom.  Somethings you just can't throw away).
The ceiling tiles have become so hard that you can't even push a stick pin in
it anymore.  I solved that problem, I just staple them in.  I can't tell you
how many friends and relatives stop at the bulletin board when they are
visiting and look at the pictures.
     Last but not least our mystery trip.  We were staying with Aunt Jackie
and Uncle Carl one summer (I don't know for how long).  I believe they lived
in Lexington, Mo.  Uncle Carl got us up in the morning and said get dressed
we're going on a trip, but I'm not going to tell you where.  We were sooooo
excited.  We couldn't wait to see where we'd end up.  We ended up at the
Truman Library.  We really enjoyed the Library but we loved the mystery just
as much.
     Of course Aunt Jackie, we can't forget about you.  You always made being
at Mammaw's fun.  You'd plan the slumber party.  We'd have popcorn and ice-
cream sodas and stay up and watch the old black and white late movie.  And I
remember all the times you took us out to the outhouse in the middle of the
night (and winter).  You never complained.  Hehehe