So many of the things that bring back memories of Mammaw include food.  That's
because she loved to cook and waited on everyone hand and foot.  She barely
sat down and ate herself.  Remember all the times she would make us pass food
around the table and no one would take a thing.  We as kids use to give her
such a hard time.  She'd just smile.  Fried chicken for breakfast!!!  I
actually thought it was considered a breakfast food.  As I got older and went
out to eat I couldn't understand why it was never on the breakfast menu. Ha. I
don't know what her secret was to frying chicken but I haven't ever tasted any
other chicken like it.  Also her Coconut creme pie and chocolate chip cookies.
I can still see her in the chicken yard at the farm.  Wringing the necks off
the chickens.  I think what I hated more was all the noise the other chickens
made.  I'm sure Karen, Ron, John,and Connie  remember the boobie  traps we use
to set for Mammaw.  We'd be up all night working our magic.  Then laugh about
how she was going to say "Oh Well"  She would always try and be so quiet in
the mornings so as to not wake us up.  I don't ever remember Mammaw getting
mad at us.(believe me she should have, we were onry)
She wanted everyone to spend the night with her.  There were never too many
grandkids.  And last but not least,  Mammaw's FEATHER BED!!!!  The girls,
Karen, Wanda and Connie always got to sleep on it on the living room floor at
the farm.  It took up the whole floor.  How soft and fluffy we thought it was.
These memories will live forever........Thanks Mammaw