by Wanda Johnson


Do you remember the Christmas' past?
The traditions we have that will last and last.
Greg thought I was crazy when I insisted
on decorating the tree way before Christmas.
November 30th is the day
we get our tree ready on our Dad's Birthday.
We never had a fireplacefor Santa to enter,
so we lined up our stockings on the floor in the center.
Christmas morning they'd be full, not to our surprise,
with apples, oranges and creme drops all inside.
The car was packed with kids and presents,
we always got sick, now wasn't that pleasant?
The numbers were many, the food was more.
The men played Rook and the women did chores.
Each Christmas was special,
as I look back on them all,
Mammaws house full of people, wall to wall.
Three beds to a room, and cots lined in the hall,
made it fun and exciting to stay at Mammaws.
My Christmas wish is the same every year.
That my family will remember, during the month of December,
How lucky we are to have these things to remember.